Chapter 2


If you are an established author and you’re comfortable with the process of self-publishing and promotion, I offer the all-important step of proofreading and editing your manuscript. I don’t have to tell you how important this step is to ensuring your book is the best it can be.

I take your word document and track the changes for you – so you can easily see and accept or reject the changes I suggest. This includes the technical proofing of grammar, spelling and punctuation as well as editing for continuity and flow.

My rate is £5.50 per 1000 words.

Business Support

All Words Matter will also support businesses with the marketing content used to promote your product or service. Words are a medium to communicate a message. They are a crucial, yet often overlooked, aspect of a business’s marketing strategy. If you have an existing website or brochure and would like it updated, I can re-write it to achieve maximum effect for your customer base.

The flexibility of online and digital technology allows for swift and painless corrections. Tiny mistakes are often glaring errors in the mind of the reader. It is always more difficult to proof your own work than someone else’s. For very little time and cost, I will ensure your words are to a professional standard.

Email me for a no-obligation chat to see how I can help you.

“Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross out the wrong words.”Mark Twain
"The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe."Gustave Flaubert
"Revision is one of the exquisite pleasures of writing."Bernard Malamud
"Good writing will bring you to places you don't even expect sometimes."James Gandolfini
"Writing is hard work. Generating stories that catch people's attention and holding it are very difficult."David Ogden Stiers
"You have the itch for writing born in you. It’s quite incurable. What are you going to do with it?"L.M. Montgomery
"It’s better to write about things you feel than about things you know about."L.P. Hartley
"A book is simply the container of an idea—like a bottle; what is inside the book is what matters."Angela Carter
First edition published by Curious Monkey 2015